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Needle & Seat O-Ring Mikuni Jet Needle E-Clip Pilot Screw O-Ring
Needle & Seat O-Ring
Our Price: $0.99

Pilot Air Screw O-Ring
Our Price: $1.00

Fits 42mm, 33mm, 36mm & 40mm Carbs Mikuni Jet Needle E-Ring (clip) Replacement O-Ring for the Pilot Air Screw
Pump Nozzle O-Ring Choke Assembly O-Ring Pump Nozzle Plug
Pump Nozzle O-Ring
Our Price: $1.29

Choke Assembly O-Ring
Our Price: $1.29

Pump Nozzle Plug
Our Price: $1.59
Accelerator Pump Nozzle O-ring Replacement O-Ring for the Choke Assembly on a 33mm, 36mm or 40mm Carb.
Mikuni Nozzle Plug
Mikuni Float Pin Drain O-ring Needle and Seat Retaining Screw
Replacement Float Pin
Our Price: $2.00
Drain O-ring
Our Price: $2.05
Replacement Float Pin for the 33mm, 36mm or 40mm Float O-ring for the 36mm, 40mm or 42mm Drain Plugs Yep, we know...stripped the head off...Here's your replacement!
Needle Valve O-Ring Mikuni Air Jets Mikuni Large Round Main Jets
Mikuni Air Jets
Our Price: $3.35
Replacement 42mm Needle Valve O-Ring Jet measures 8mm/.300" long and has a 4mm/.125 diameter screw slotted face.

Jet measures 9mm/.350" long and has a 8mm/.315 round screw slotted face
Mikuni 486 Pilot Jets 42mm Accelerator Pump Piston return spring 40mm Bowl O-Ring
Mikuni 486 Pilot Jets
Our Price: $3.35
40mm O-Ring
Our Price: $5.10

Mikuni Pilot Jets. Jet measures 28mm/1.1" long and has a 5mm/.200" slotted faced head. Also identified by having 8 small bleed holes. Replacement Accelerator Pump Spring Float Bowl O-Ring
Accelerator Pump Plunger Drain Plug Mikuni Needle and Seat
Mikuni Drain Plug
Our Price: $18.99
40mm Mikuni Needle and Seat
Our Price: $19.46

Replacement Plunger for the 40mm & 42mm Mikuni Replacement Drain Plug Standard Needle Valve Assembly (3.8) on a Mikuni TM40-6
40mm Float Viperizer 33mm 45mm Jet Block 40mm Rubber Mount Flange
40mm Float
Our Price: $20.49

40mm Rubber Mount Flange
Our Price: $23.99
40mm Float Holds 10 Mains, 12 air and 5 Pilots jets

40mm Rubber mount Flange.
33mm / 40mm Throttle Cable Mikuni 40mm Carburetor
33mm / 40 mm 8' Throttle Cable
Our Price: $27.99

Throttle Cable W/Barrel end 33mm/40mm 8', Nylon liner, correct barrel end, correct diameter threaded adjuster. TM40 Flat Slide with Accelerator Pump