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Mikuni choke knob Mikuni Racing Sticker Mikuni Racing Sticker - Red
Mikuni choke knob
Our Price: $0.25
Mikuni choke knob. Yellow Mikuni Sticker Red Mikuni Sticker
Mikuni Racing Sticker - Blue Mikuni Jet Needle Throttle Cable Clamp
Throttle Cable Clamp
Our Price: $0.69
Blue Mikuni Sticker Mikuni 5DP39 Needle Throttle Cable Clamp with screw.
28mm Float Bowl Screw with Lock Washer Mikuni 28mm Needle Valve Screw Mikuni Jet Needle E Clip
Replacement 28mm Float Bowl Screw sold each!
Mikuni Jet Needle E-Ring
33mm Needle Packing 33mm Cable Bracket Screw Pilot Screw O-Ring
Pilot Air Screw O-Ring
Our Price: $0.99
Needle Clip Washer Replacement 33mm Cable Bracket Screw Replacement O-Ring for the Pilot Air Screw
Needle & Seat O-Ring 28mm Factory Choke Lever 42mm Jet Needle Washer
Needle & Seat O-Ring
Our Price: $0.99
28mm Factory Choke Lever
Our Price: $1.99
Sale Price: $0.99
Savings: $1.00
42mm Jet Needle Washer
Our Price: $0.99
Fits 42mm, 33mm, 36mm & 40mm Carbs 28mm Mikuni Choke Lever Assembly 42mm Jet Needle Washer
33mm Bowl Screw without Lockwasher Choke Assembly O-Ring Mikuni Jet Needle E-Clip
Choke Assembly O-Ring
Our Price: $1.25
Replacement 33mm Mikuni Bowl screw Replacement O-Ring for the Choke Assembly on a 33mm, 36mm or 40mm Carb.
Mikuni Jet Needle E-Ring (clip)
33mm Throttle Shaft Packing Pump Nozzle Plug Mikuni float pin
Pump Nozzle Plug
Our Price: $1.49
Mikuni float pin
Our Price: $1.59
33mm Mikuni Pumper Replacement throttle shaft packing Mikuni Nozzle Plug Replacement float pin for the 18mm, 28mm and 42mm Float
42mm Needle Retainer Mikuni Float Pin 33mm Accelerator Pump Lever Bolt
42mm Needle Retainer
Our Price: $1.89
Replacement Float Pin
Our Price: $1.95
We know, you were adjusting your needle..set your retainer on the rear wheel....darn wind! Where did it go?...happens everytime! Oh, the joys of racing! Replacement Float Pin for the 33mm, 36mm or 40mm Float 33mm accelerator pump lever bolt- factory replacement....yep this is the one that breaks sooooo easy...carry a spare!
28mm Allen Head Bowl Screw 28mm Mikuni Cable Adjuster Cap Pumper Piston Return Spring
28mm Bowl Screw - sold in a set of 4
28mm Mikuni cable adjuster cap 33mm Pumper piston return spring...Replacement for lost or weak.
28mm Drain Plug O-Ring Fuel Inlet Retainer Drain O-ring
28mm Drain Plug O-Ring
Our Price: $1.99
Mikuni HSR 28mm Fuel Inlet Retainer
Our Price: $2.99
Sale Price: $1.99
Savings: $1.00
Drain O-ring
Our Price: $1.99
Replacment O-Ring for the 28mm Drain Plug 28mm Needle Valve Plate O-ring for the 36mm, 40mm or 42mm Drain Plugs
Carb Top Screws Plunger Fitting and Cap Needle & Seat O-Ring
Needle & Seat O-Ring
Our Price: $1.99
sold by the pair Replacment Plunger Fitting and Cap for 18mm and 28mm carbs

Needle Valve O-Ring
33mm Bowl Drain Screw Needle and Seat Retaining Screw Cable Adjuster
33mm Bowl Drain Screw
Our Price: $2.49
Cable Adjuster - Long
Our Price: $2.99
33mm Bowl Drain Screw.....Got a stripped out head....Here's your replacement! Yep, we know...stripped the head off...Here's your replacement! Be smart...carry a spare! Mikuni Cable Adjuster fits top of carb, includes jam nut. This is an extended length version.
33mm Accelerator Pump Lever 33mm Mikuni Idle spring 33mm Accelerator Pump Rod Boot
33mm Mikuni Idle spring
Our Price: $2.99
33mm Accelerator Pump Lever- Replace the cracked or lost one with this brand spanking new factory part. 33mm Mikuni Pumper Idle adjuster spring 33mm Accelerator Pump Rod Boot - Replace the cracked or lost one with this brand spanking new factory part.
42mm Needle Valve O-Ring Mikuni Air Jets Mikuni Large Round Main Jets
Mikuni Air Jets
Our Price: $3.00
Replacement 42mm Needle Valve O-Ring Jet measures 8mm/.300" long and has a 4mm/.125 diameter screw slotted face.

Jet measures 9mm/.350" long and has a 8mm/.315 round screw slotted face
Mikuni 486 Pilot Jets Mikuni Pilot Jets Mikuni Hex Head Jets
Mikuni 486 Pilot Jets
Our Price: $3.00
Mikuni Hex Head Jets
Our Price: $3.25
Mikuni Pilot Jets. Jet measures 28mm/1.1" long and has a 5mm/.200" slotted faced head. Also identified by having 8 small bleed holes. Mikuni Pilot Jets - VM/TM/TMX, Jet measures 14mm/.535" long and has a 4mm/.160" slotted faced head.
Jet measures 12mm/.450" long and has a 6mm/.250 Hex headed face
28mm Bowl Gasket Mikuni Cable Adjuster 33mm Pump Nozzle
28mm Mikuni Bowl Gasket
Our Price: $3.99
Mikuni Cable Adjuster
Our Price: $3.99
33mm Pump Nozzle
Our Price: $3.99
Mikuni Bowl Gasket Mikuni Cable Adjuster 33mm Mikuni Pumper Replacement Accelerator Pump Nozzle
33mm Pumper Piston 28mm Cable lock ring Float Bowl Gasket
33mm Pumper Piston
Our Price: $3.99
28mm Cable lock ring
Our Price: $3.99
33mm Pumper piston...Replacement for lost or worn. This plastic nylon ring locks your cable into the cable retainer mounted inside the slide of your carb

TM36/TM40 Float Bowl  O-Ring - Carry a spare!
42mm Throttle Return Spring Mikuni Clear Pink Overflow Hose 33mm Needle / Seat Filter
Replacement 42mm Throttle Return Spring. Sold as a Pair - Correct "pink" factory hose.
Replace missing or Corroded part with this little guy. Snaps on to the inlet side of the needle / seat assy.
33mm top gasket OverFlow Hose 33mm Jet Needle
33mm Top Cover Gasket
Our Price: $3.99
42mm OverFlow Hose
Our Price: $3.99
33mm Jet Needle - 5FP96
Our Price: $4.95
Replacement 33mm top cover gasket
Replacment 42mm OverFlow Hose 33mm Pumper Jet Needle 5FP96
33mm Mikuni Bowl Gasket 42mm Bowl O-Ring Accelerator Pump Piston return spring
33mm Mikuni Bowl Gasket
Our Price: $4.99
42mm Bowl O-Ring
Our Price: $4.99
33mm Mikuni Bowl Gasket float bowl gasket Replacement 42mm Accelerator Pump Piston return spring
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