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Polar Primary Cover Bolt Clutch Arm
Polar Cover Bolt
Our Price: $0.15
Here's a little info on the Shockers tuning components...Click to read more... #8-32 x 1/2" Polar Cover Bolt Shims for use besides Flyweights, Arms, rollers. .020" thick, #10 hole. Sold each.
Clutch / Jackshaft Shim Clutch Spider shims Clutch Spider shims
Clutch / Jackshaft Shim
Our Price: $1.99
.7510" ID x 1.00" OD. .0620" thick
Clutch Spider shims for Shocker -  .025" Thick , sold each! Clutch Shims for Shocker -  .05" Thick , sold each!
Comet 340 Splined Shim Shocker belt gap shim
Comet 340 Splined Shim
Our Price: $2.49
Comet 340 Splined Shim, individually Shocker belt gap shim - Set your belt gap with these little guys.

.030" Thick , sold each.
Clutch Retainer Bolt - Grade 8 - 5/16", different lengths available

Dual Bearing support outer washer Hardened Clutch Thrust Washer Polar Secondary Button
Polar Secondary Button
Our Price: $3.49
Sure beats a stack of washers.....Use this cool little shouldered washer on the outer clutch side of your dual bearing support. Fits 5/8" ID bearings. Stainless 150" Wide 1.235" O.D. .760" I.D. Polar Secondary Button - Sold each.
Polar Secondary Shim Polar Secondary Shim
Use this handy tool to align your Shockwave units.

12 x 5/16 x 5/16 Inch, Zinc plated key stock

Polar Secondary Shim - .031 Thick Polar Secondary Shim - .093 Thick
Shocker Shim - .062T MX2 Shocker Bearing
Polar Arm Bolts
Our Price: $6.49
MX2 Shocker Bearing
Our Price: $6.49
Shocker Shim - .062T Aircraft quailty Arm bolts for Three Arm clutches. Kit contains Six items....Three Bolt and Three Locking nuts. MX2 Shocker Bearing
Dual Bearing support washer Keyway 3/16" Square X 2.5" Tool Steel Keyway
This cool little shouldered washer centers up the support bearing with the crank bolt. Fits 5/8" ID bearings. This is our small shoulder diameter design. 3/16" X 2.5" Hardened Keyway. 10% Colbalt tool steel. You won't shear this puppy!
1/4" X 2.5" Hardened Keyway. 5% Colbalt tool steel. You won't shear this puppy!
Polar Secondary Round Bushing Polar Primary Brass Bushing Shockwave OD Driven Poles
Shockwave OD Driven Poles
Our Price: $13.95
Plastic Round Bushing for the Polar Secondary Clutch
Replacement brass bushing for Polar Primary. Replacement Poles for Shockwave OD driven unit. Set of 3.
Shockwave Standard Drive Unit Spring Shockwave Standard Spring Polar roller
Polar roller / weight arm
Our Price: $14.99
Shockwave Purple Standard Drive Unit Spring Shockwave Orange Standard Drive Unit Spring Polar roller / weight arm, sold individually
Shockwave Dual Bearing support spacer Primary Spring Polar Secondary Tower Pins
Polar Primary Springs
Our Price: $15.95
Polar Secondary Tower Pin
Our Price: $15.99
Use this handy spacer between the clutch side upright of your dual bearing support and the nose of your Shockwave Standard Clutch. Primary Springs for the Polar and Shocker Clutches
Polar Secondary Tower Pin - Sold each.
Shockwave Driven Orange Spring Polar Secondary Spring - Yellow Polar Secondary Spring
ShockWave Driven Orange Spring - fits both Standard and O.D. units. Polar Secondary Spring - Yellow = stock Polar Secondary Spring Red = more tension
Clutch Holding Tool ShockWave OD Purple Spring
Clutch Holding Tool
Our Price: $17.99
ShockWave OD Red Spring
Our Price: $18.99
Viperizer clutch holding tool, clamp it in the your vise,use in conjunction with our spider tool to break apart your Shockwave. Use to hold your Polar when removing the fixed face. ShockWave OD Spring Red = lower RPM ShockWave OD Spring - Purple
Polar Cover lock Comet 20 Series Belt
Comet 340 Spline Liners
Our Price: $19.99
Polar Cover lock
Our Price: $19.99
Comet 340 Spline Liners - Set of six - enough to rebuild your unit. This handy gadget will locks your Polar Primary Unit together..... Comet 20 Series - Symmetric 3/4" drive belt
Hardened Roller Set Polar System Belt Polar Primary Spring Retainer
Hardened Roller Set
Our Price: $22.99
Set of 3 Hardened Rollers 8 5/8" center to center - approx .775" wide Replacement Spring Retainer / Seat for the Polar Primary Clutch
Comet 340 Spring Kits Shocker Flyweight Arms 9" Polar System Belt - 33188A
Comet 340 Spring Kits
Our Price: $29.99
Sale Price: $24.99
Savings: $5.00
Shocker Flyweight Arms
Our Price: $24.99
Comet 340 Spring kits Replacement Shocker Flyweight Arms. Sold in a set of 4. Choose from thick or thin arms.
9ʺ Polar System Belt by Viperizer

Manufacture Width Tolerance .760" to .800"
860/660 Polar System Belt Shocker Flyweight Roller Kit Polar System Belt 330/660
860/660 Polar System Belt
Our Price: $25.95
Polar System Belt 330/660
Our Price: $26.95
This is the weapon of choice for the racers running the wider .875" Belt....designed for a 9.25" Center to Center. Shocker Flyweight Roller Kit (set of 4)
8 5/8 Center to Center,  Manufacture’s Width Tolerance .775" to .810" wide
Polar System Belt Shockwave / Comet Belts ShockWave Flyweight Roller Kit
9" center to center -Manufacture’s Width Tolerance .820" to .850" Street name: Pitbull M-90 Symmetric 7/8" drive belt for Shockwave OD. Set of Three Rollers and Pivot Pins
Polar Secondary Post ShockWave Spider Roller Kit Polar Cover - Viperizer by Polar
Polar Secondary Post
Our Price: $29.99
Post for the Polar Secondary Clutch
Set of Three Rollers with Lock nuts and washers. Billet Aluminum - Fits polar Junior style clutch with square post.
Polar Evolution Ramp Holder Polar Style Helix - Progressive Angles
Polar Style Helix - Progressive Angles
Our Price: $39.99
Sale Price: $37.99
Savings: $2.00
Used Shocker Cover - some scratches on top of cover
Spruce up your Polar to cool new look....Polar Evolution Ramp Holder- These Ramp Holders MUST be used in conjuction with the Evo Covers. Polar Style Helix - Various progressive angles available.
Viperizer Racing Polar Clutch Ramps Polar Primary Cover Mamba
Set of 3 Polar Ramps, Hardened and coated...None Finer! Anodized Polar Primary Cover
Red Anodized Polar Primary Cover
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