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10-32 jam/hex nut Polar Primary Cover Bolt 1/4"-20x1 Button Head Socket Cap Screw
10-32 jam/hex nut
Our Price: $0.10
Polar Cover Bolt
Our Price: $0.15
Steel, Zinc Plated, 1/8" high #8-32 x 1/2" Polar Cover Bolt Alloy Steel, Black Oxide, Fully Threaded, Hex Socket Drive, 5/32 Inch Hex Key
Thin Nylon Insert Locknut Clutch Arm Billet Tail Light Cap Screw
#10-32 x 1 1/2 Socket Head Cap Screw
Shims for use besides Flyweights, Arms, rollers. .020" thick, #10 hole. Sold each. Cap Screw for the Viperizer Billet Tail Light
#10-32 x 1 1/2 Socket Head Cap Screw Button Head Socket Cap Screw socket cap screw
10-32 Socket Cap Screw
Our Price: $0.25
#10-32 x 1 1/2 Socket Head Cap Screw
Used on the Dual Pinch Hub and Sprocket/Rotor Hub
5/16-18 x 7/8 socket cap screw
Dual Bearing Support Hardware Hex Serrated Flange Nut Socket Head Cap Screw
5/16 - 18 x 7/8 Alloy Steel, Uncoated, Fully Threaded, Hex Socket Cap Screw
Replacement Flange Nut for the Light Weight Sprocket/Rotor Hub and Dual Pinch Hub.
5/16-18 x 1 1/4 Socket Head Cap Screw
10-24x7/8 for Polar Secondary Button Head Socket Cap Screw Socket Cap Screw
10-24x7/8 Alloy Steel, Uncoated, Fully Threaded, Hex Socket

Grade 8, button head socket cap screw. 1/4-20x5/8 Socket Head Cap Screw
5/16-18x3/8 Set Screw #10-32x5/16 Set Screw 10-32x1/2 Button Head Socket Cap Screw
5/16-18x3/8 Set Screw
Our Price: $0.25
#10-32x5/16 Set Screw
Our Price: $0.25
5/16-18" thread, 3/8" long, grade 8, Set Screw, Fits #35 and #415 front sprockets
#10-32x5/16 Set Screw
10-32 x 1/2 Button Head Socket Cap Screw
Socket Head Cap Screw Hex Jam Lock Nut
Fully Threaded, 5/32" Hex Key, Hex Socket Drive
Zinc-Plated Hex Jam Lock Nut
Replacement Blinky Light Tail Light Bracket
Hex Serrated Flange Nut 3/8 Socket Cap Screw Button Head Socket Cap Screw
Hex Serrated Flange Nut - 3/8-16, grade 2 - zinc plated
hardware for the adjustable coil bracket Alloy Steel, Fully Threaded Button Head Socket Cap Screw
Socket Cap Screw Tie Rod end jam nuts 3/8"
Stainless Steel, Hex Socket, 3/16 inch hex key
Replacement 28mm Float Bowl Screw 3/8" Tie Rod End Jam Nuts
Flywheel Washer Piston Pin Snap Rings Jackshaft Spacer Material
Flywheel Washer
Our Price: $0.99
Piston Pin Snap Rings
Our Price: $0.99
Use this washer to stop gouging that starter nut into your expensive Flywheel Snap rings for piston pin. Sold as Pair. 3/4" Jackshaft Spacer Material sold by the inch
Mychron Jackshaft Sensor Nut 33mm Cable Bracket Screw Motor Plate Hardware
Motor Plate Hardware
Our Price: $0.99
Replacement nut for the Mychron Jackshaft Sensor Replacement 33mm Cable Bracket Screw 5/16-18 x 2 1/4 Flange Bolt
Dzus Mounting Bracket Dzus Round Reinforcement Plate Belt Guard Bolts
Dzus Mounting Bracket
Our Price: $1.25
Belt Guard Bolts
Our Price: $1.49
Weld Plate for Dzus fasteners Dzus Reinforcement Plate -4 Rivet style. Belt Guard bolts - Set of Four Button Head bolts. 5/16 Fine thread.
Cylinder Cover Bolt - Metric External Snap Ring Flush Head Dzus
Cylinder Cover Bolt - Metric
Our Price: $1.99
Sale Price: $1.49
Savings: $0.50
External Snap Rings
Our Price: $1.49
Animal - Cylinder Cover Bolt - sold each! External Axle Snap Rings - Choose from various sizes. Flush Head Dzus - .500" - Quarter turn fastener - Aluminum
Flush Head Dzus 28mm Allen Head Bowl Screw Oval Head Dzus fastener
Flush Head Dzus - .550" - Quarter turn fastener 28mm Bowl Screw - sold in a set of 4
Quarter turn fastener
Button Head Dzus - .550" Clutch / Jackshaft Shim
Clutch / Jackshaft Shim
Our Price: $1.99
33mm/42mm Bowl Screw
Our Price: $1.99
Button Head Dzus - .550" - Quarter turn fastener .7510" ID x 1.00" OD. .0620" thick
Set of 4 Allen Head Screws
Clutch Spider shims Steel Washers Dzus Backing Plate
3/4" I.D. Steel Washers
Our Price: $2.49
Dzus Backing Plate
Our Price: $2.49
Clutch Spider shims for Shocker -  .025" Thick , sold each! .750" I.D. X 1.125" O.D Steel Washers - We bet your find a use for these little guys.  We carry various thicknesses for every application. Quick-Release Fastener Weld Plates
Hose Barb / Pulse Fitting O-Ring material
1/4 x 1/8 Male Brass Hose Barb
Replacement O-Ring material for Sidecover, breather, two diameters to choose from. Clutch Retainer Bolt - Grade 8 - 5/16", different lengths available

Dual Bearing support outer washer Allen Head Dzus Polar Secondary Shim
Sure beats a stack of washers.....Use this cool little shouldered washer on the outer clutch side of your dual bearing support. Fits 5/8" ID bearings. Stainless Oval Slotted steel, cadmium plated .500" quick fastener Polar Secondary Shim - .031 Thick
Plastic Compartment Box Quick Release Fastener - Self Ejecting 5/16" Catch Can Shut Off Valve
Plastic Compartment Box
Our Price: $3.99
Heavy duty plastic parts box Quarter turn fastener, Self ejecting, 5/16 diameter x 1/2" reach includes latching spring. 1/8" Thread Size
Bulk Keystock Head Bolt Set Polar Secondary Shim
Bulk Keystock
Our Price: $5.49
Animal Engine Head Bolt Set
Our Price: $6.49
Sale Price: $5.49
Savings: $1.00
12" of Keystock - cut what you need. Various sizes and grades of steel. Animal - Head bolt set Polar Secondary Shim - .093 Thick
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