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10-32 jam/hex nut Polar Primary Cover Bolt 1/4"-20x1 Button Head Socket Cap Screw
10-32 jam/hex nut
Our Price: $0.10
Polar Cover Bolt
Our Price: $0.15
Steel, Zinc Plated, 1/8" high #8-32 x 1/2" Polar Cover Bolt Alloy Steel, Black Oxide, Fully Threaded, Hex Socket Drive, 5/32 Inch Hex Key
Thin Nylon Insert Locknut Clutch Arm Billet Tail Light Cap Screw
#10-32 x 1 1/2 Socket Head Cap Screw
Shims for use besides Flyweights, Arms, rollers. .020" thick, #10 hole. Sold each. Cap Screw for the Viperizer Billet Tail Light
#10-32 x 1 1/2 Socket Head Cap Screw Button Head Socket Cap Screw socket cap screw
10-32 Socket Cap Screw
Our Price: $0.25
#10-32 x 1 1/2 Socket Head Cap Screw
Used on the Dual Pinch Hub and Sprocket/Rotor Hub
5/16-18 x 7/8 socket cap screw
Dual Bearing Support Hardware Hex Serrated Flange Nut Socket Head Cap Screw
5/16 - 18 x 7/8 Alloy Steel, Uncoated, Fully Threaded, Hex Socket Cap Screw
Replacement Flange Nut for the Light Weight Sprocket/Rotor Hub and Dual Pinch Hub.
5/16-18 x 1 1/4 Socket Head Cap Screw
10-24x7/8 for Polar Secondary Button Head Socket Cap Screw Socket Cap Screw
10-24x7/8 Alloy Steel, Uncoated, Fully Threaded, Hex Socket

Grade 8, button head socket cap screw. 1/4-20x5/8 Socket Head Cap Screw
5/16-18x3/8 Set Screw #10-32x5/16 Set Screw 10-32x1/2 Button Head Socket Cap Screw
5/16-18x3/8 Set Screw
Our Price: $0.25
#10-32x5/16 Set Screw
Our Price: $0.25
5/16-18" thread, 3/8" long, grade 8, Set Screw, Fits #35 and #415 front sprockets
#10-32x5/16 Set Screw
10-32 x 1/2 Button Head Socket Cap Screw
Socket Head Cap Screw Hex Jam Lock Nut
Fully Threaded, 5/32" Hex Key, Hex Socket Drive
Zinc-Plated Hex Jam Lock Nut
Replacement Blinky Light Tail Light Bracket
Hex Serrated Flange Nut 3/8 Mikuni Air intake Screws Socket Cap Screw
Hex Serrated Flange Nut - 3/8-16, grade 2 - zinc plated
Replacement Mikuni Air Intake / Air Funnel Screws 10/24 x 1 3/4" Socket Cap Screw
Button Head Socket Cap Screw Socket Cap Screw Alloy Soc Cap
Alloy Steel, Fully Threaded Button Head Socket Cap Screw Stainless Steel, Hex Socket, 3/16 inch hex key
Grade 8, Alloy Steel, Zinc Plated, Fully Threaded Socket Cap Screw
Tie Rod end jam nuts 3/8" Flywheel Washer
Flywheel Washer
Our Price: $0.99
Replacement 28mm Float Bowl Screw 3/8" Tie Rod End Jam Nuts Use this washer to stop gouging that starter nut into your expensive Flywheel
Piston Pin Snap Rings Jackshaft Spacer Material Mychron Jackshaft Sensor Nut
Piston Pin Snap Rings
Our Price: $0.99
Snap rings for piston pin. Sold as Pair. 3/4" Jackshaft Spacer Material sold by the inch Replacement nut for the Mychron Jackshaft Sensor
33mm Cable Bracket Screw Motor Plate Hardware Dzus Round Reinforcement Plate
Motor Plate Hardware
Our Price: $0.99
Replacement 33mm Cable Bracket Screw 5/16-18 x 2 1/4 Flange Bolt Dzus Reinforcement Plate -4 Rivet style.
Dzus Mounting Bracket Belt Guard Bolts Cylinder Cover Bolt - Metric
Dzus Mounting Bracket
Our Price: $1.25
Belt Guard Bolts
Our Price: $1.49
Cylinder Cover Bolt - Metric
Our Price: $1.99
Sale Price: $1.49
Savings: $0.50
Weld Plate for Dzus fasteners Belt Guard bolts - Set of Four Button Head bolts. 5/16 Fine thread. Animal - Cylinder Cover Bolt - sold each!
External Snap Ring Flush Head Dzus Flush Head Dzus
External Snap Rings
Our Price: $1.49
External Axle Snap Rings - Choose from various sizes. Flush Head Dzus - .500" - Quarter turn fastener - Aluminum
Flush Head Dzus - .550" - Quarter turn fastener
28mm Allen Head Bowl Screw Button Head Dzus - .550"
28mm Bowl Screw - sold in a set of 4
Button Head Dzus - .500" - Quarter turn fastener Button Head Dzus - .550" - Quarter turn fastener
Clutch / Jackshaft Shim Clutch Spider shims
Clutch / Jackshaft Shim
Our Price: $1.99
33mm/42mm Bowl Screw
Our Price: $1.99
.7510" ID x 1.00" OD. .0620" thick
Set of 4 Allen Head Screws Clutch Spider shims for Shocker -  .025" Thick , sold each!
Steel Washers Dzus Backing Plate
1" I.D. Crank Shim
Our Price: $2.25
3/4" I.D. Steel Washers
Our Price: $2.49
Dzus Backing Plate
Our Price: $2.49
1" I.D. 1.5" O.D. Crank Shim, different thicknesses available.
.750" I.D. X 1.125" O.D Steel Washers - We bet your find a use for these little guys.  We carry various thicknesses for every application. Quick-Release Fastener Weld Plates
Hose Barb / Pulse Fitting O-Ring material
1/4 x 1/8 Male Brass Hose Barb
Replacement O-Ring material for Sidecover, breather, two diameters to choose from. Clutch Retainer Bolt - Grade 8 - 5/16", different lengths available

Dual Bearing support outer washer Allen Head Dzus Polar Secondary Shim
Sure beats a stack of washers.....Use this cool little shouldered washer on the outer clutch side of your dual bearing support. Fits 5/8" ID bearings. Stainless Oval Slotted steel, cadmium plated .500" quick fastener Polar Secondary Shim - .031 Thick
Plastic Compartment Box Quick Release Fastener - Self Ejecting 5/16" Catch Can Shut Off Valve
Plastic Compartment Box
Our Price: $3.99
Heavy duty plastic parts box Quarter turn fastener, Self ejecting, 5/16 diameter x 1/2" reach includes latching spring. 1/8" Thread Size
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