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Viperizer Racing Decal Team Viperizer Sticker
Viperizer Racing Decal Free Team Viperizer Sticker Yellow Mikuni Sticker
Fuel Line Clamps Mikuni choke knob Ear Plugs
Snap Grip Hose Clamps
Our Price: $0.40
Mikuni choke knob
Our Price: $0.50
Soft Foam Ear Plugs
Our Price: $0.50
Fuel Line Hose Clamps: Your choice of Red, Blue, Purple, White or Black re-useable clamps.

Mikuni choke knob. Soft, High Performance Noise Blocker
Coil Wire Ends Throttle Cable Clamp Jackshaft Spacer Material
Throttle Cable Clamp
Our Price: $0.69
Spark plug / Coil wire ends - Sold as a pair. Carry a couple spares! Throttle Cable Clamp with screw. 3/4" Jackshaft Spacer Material sold by the inch
Dzus Reinforcement Plate Flywheel Key External Snap Ring
Flywheel Key
Our Price: $1.29
External Snap Rings
Our Price: $1.49
Dzus Reinforcement Plate - 2 Rivet style. Factory flywheel key....easy on the expensive aluminum flywheels!
External Axle Snap Rings - Choose from various sizes.
Timing Gear Key 3/4" Jackshaft In Line Fuel Y Fitting
Timing Gear Key
Our Price: $1.59
3/4" Jackshaft
Our Price: $1.75
In Line Fuel Y Fitting
Our Price: $1.79
Factory Replacement Timing Gear Key 3/4" Keyed Jackshaft - 1045 Steel - Polished. Nylon 1/4" barbed ends
Clutch / Jackshaft Shim 3/4" I.D Jackshaft Spacers - Plastic
Clutch / Jackshaft Shim
Our Price: $1.99
Button Head Dzus - .500" - Quarter turn fastener .7510" ID x 1.00" OD. .0620" thick
3/4" I.D. plastic spacers for jackshaft. 1" overall length. .935" O.D. Perfert for spacing items with no side loads. Sold individually.
Viperizer Check List Throttle Cable Anchor
1" I.D. Crank Shim
Our Price: $2.25
Throttle Cable Anchor
Our Price: $2.99
Lamented checklist - Use a Dry Erase Marker and you can use the check list over and over again! 1" I.D. 1.5" O.D. Crank Shim, different thicknesses available.
Throttle Cable Anchor....No slipping here!
NGK Sparkplug Dual Bearing support outer washer 58 I.D Spindle Spacer - 1 78
NGK Sparkplug
Our Price: $2.99
NGK Sparkplug BHS Series Sure beats a stack of washers.....Use this cool little shouldered washer on the outer clutch side of your dual bearing support. Fits 5/8" ID bearings. Stainless 1 7/8" long 5/8" ID Spindle Spacer
Hardened Clutch Thrust Washer In Line Fuel Slim line Visu Mikuni Jet Needle
Mikuni Jet Needle -6DP5
Our Price: $3.95
150" Wide 1.235" O.D. .760" I.D. In Line Fuel Slim line Visu- Filter 1/4" Mikuni Jet Needle
Copper Header flange gasket Replacement Frame Tubes Fuel Line
Replacement Frame Tubes
Our Price: $4.99
1/4" Fuel Line - 10'
Our Price: $4.99
Copper Header flange gasket for Briggs Raptor/ Animal / World Formula Replacment Coleman Starters Frame Tubes 10' Section of 1/4" Fuel Line
Viperizer Racing Log Book Bronze Valve Guide Screen Type Fuel Filter
Screen Type Fuel Filter
Our Price: $5.99
Use this book to document all the important information about your car. Bronze Valve Guide .312" OD - Straight Screen Type 1/4" Fuel Filter - 3" long - large capacity
Dual Bearing support washer Front Wheel Bearing Caliper Adjuster Assembly
Clutch Side - Dual Bearing support washer
Our Price: $6.49
Sale Price: $5.99
Savings: $0.50
This cool little shouldered washer centers up the support bearing with the crank bolt. Fits 5/8" ID bearings. This is our small shoulder diameter design. Front Wheel Bearing / Clutch Side Dual Bearing Support Bearing

5/8" ID x 1-3/8" - Fits most front wheels.
Caliper Adjuster Assembly
Round Fuel Pump Rebuild Kit Catch Can breather filter 3/4" Locking Collars
3/4" Locking Collars
Our Price: $7.19
Rebuild Kit for Mikuni Round Fuel Pumps. Aftermarket product. Fits most round fuel pumps
Replacement Catch can breather filter 1-3/8" Inlet. 3/4" Billet Aluminum Locking collars
1 1/4" Locking Collars Jackshaft Sensor Bracket Fuel Jug Hose Filler Spouts
1 1/4" Locking Collars
Our Price: $7.19
Billet Aluminum Locking collars with Key groove, 1 1/4" Diameter.
Jackshaft Sensor Bracket - Cute little guy makes mounting your pick up a breeze! Filler Hose w/screw Cap
Fuel Line 3/4" Locking Collars
1/4" Fuel Line
Our Price: $7.99
Translucent Colored Tubing 1/4" ID x 3/8" OD 3/4" Double Split Steel Collar Replace this little guy during every rebuild.
Walbro Fuel Pump Rebuild Kit Viperizer Walbro Fuel Pump cover Mikuni Tuning Manual
Mikuni Tuning Manual
Our Price: $12.95
Square Fuel Pump Rebuild Kit
Your choice of raw aluminum, anodized Blue or Red with contrasting Viperizer Logo (Pump not included)
Mikuni Tuning Manual - 5th Edition
Mikuni Round Fuel Pump Rebuild Kit Angled Air Filter Exhaust probe weld in adapter
Mikuni Round Fuel Pump Rebuild Kit
Our Price: $15.95
Sale Price: $12.95
Savings: $3.00
4" Air Filter - angled
Our Price: $12.99
Rebuild Kit for Mikuni Round Fuel Pumps. These are genuine Mikuni kits. 4" Element, clamp on style, 20 degree angle Exhaust probe weld in adapter for header
Air Filter - Straight Viperizer Metamorphosing T-Shirt
Simichrome Polish
Our Price: $12.99
4" Air Filter - Straight
Our Price: $12.99
Simichrome Polish - Use on every type of metal finish, easily polish to a mirror like finish. 4" Element, clamp on style. 2- 7/16" opening.
No different then everything Viperizer does......its magic! Wear it indoors...its black and white...Shed some sunlight on it and watch the Metamorphosis take place...Full color logos appear.
1/8" NPT Billet Fuel Petcock Billet Fuel Petcock Helmet hook
Helmet hook - Black
Our Price: $13.95
Billet Fuel Petcock - 1/8" NPT / 1/4" Barbed end. 1/4" Billet Fuel Petcock - 1/4" Barbed fitting on inlet and outlet. Billet Helmet hook by Viperizer Anodized Black
Extended Oil Plug Primary Spring Head Rest padding
Extended Oil Plug
Our Price: $15.99
Sale Price: $14.99
Savings: $1.00
Polar Primary Springs
Our Price: $15.95
Head Rest padding
Our Price: $16.49
This unit is a extended version of the Oil Plug, allowing easier removal.
Primary Springs for the Polar and Shocker Clutches
Master Blaster Helmet Padding, double stick to your cage.
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