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Shockwave/Shocker Spider Roller Bearing Shockwave Alignment Tool Shockwave OD Driven Poles
Shockwave OD Driven Poles
Our Price: $14.30
Replacement Bearing for the spider roller kits
Use this handy tool to align your Shockwave units.

12 x 5/16 x 5/16 Inch, Zinc plated key stock

Replacement Poles for Shockwave OD driven unit. Set of 3.
Shockwave Standard Drive Unit Spring Shockwave Dual Bearing support spacer Shockwave Driven Orange Spring
Shockwave Driven Orange Spring
Our Price: $17.39

Shockwave Purple Standard Drive Unit Spring Use this handy spacer between the clutch side upright of your dual bearing support and the nose of your Shockwave Standard Clutch. ShockWave Driven Orange Spring - fits both Standard and O.D. units.
Clutch Holding Tool ShockWave Overdrive Red Spring ShockWave OD Purple Spring
Clutch Holding Tool
Our Price: $18.44
ShockWave OD Red Spring
Our Price: $19.46
ShockWave OD Purple Spring
Our Price: $19.46

Viperizer clutch holding tool, clamp it in the your vise,use in conjunction with our spider tool to break apart your Shockwave. Use to hold your Polar when removing the fixed face. OD Spring Red = lower RPM ShockWave OD Spring - Purple
Shockwave Spring Compressor Shockwave / Comet Belts ShockWave Flyweight Roller Kit
Makes cover removal and installation a breeze.

Symmetric 7/8" drive belt for Shockwave OD. Set of Three Rollers and Pivot Pins
Shockwave Spider Tool ShockWave Spider Roller Kit Shockwave OD Fixed Face
Shockwave Spider Tool
Our Price: $30.75
Use this handy tool to remove the Spider from your Shockwave Clutch
Set of Three Rollers with Lock nuts and washers. Replacement Fixed Face for ShockWave OD primary units. Overdrive only!
ShockWave Overdrive Primary Cover Shockwave OD Post Shockwave OD Moveable Face
Replacement Cover for Shock Wave OD units. Replacement Main Post for ShockWave OD primary units. Overdrive only! Replacement Moveable Face for ShockWave OverDrive Clutch
ShockWave Overdrive Spider
Replacement Spider for ShockWave Over Drive Clutch