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Featured Products

Simpson SFI Roll Bar Padding 16" Pro Stock Front Wheels Zamp Racing Z-Tech 2A Head and Neck Restraint
16" Pro Stock Front Wheels
Our Price: $598.99
Simpson SFI roll bar padding kit Pair - 16" Pro Stock Front Wheels Z-Tech series 2A SFI 38.1 adjustable head and neck restraint, comes complete with stainless hardware, black/gray color, SFI 38.1 certified, width adjustable from 12.75" to 15.25", will fit 2" to 3" shoulder harness
Mikuni 33mm Flatslide Carb Emergency Shut Off Kit Slick / Tire Covers
Emergency Shut Off Kit
Our Price: $159.99

Tire Covers / Slicks Covers
Our Price: $69.99

Mikuni 33mm "pumper" Flatslide Carburetor for use with Alcohol
Emergency Shut Off Kit / Kill Switch Designed to fit 18" diameter tires; - Color: Burnt Orange

Billet Cable Bracket 28mm Mikuni Flatslide Carb Junior Dragster Dial in board
4 Digit Dial in Board
Our Price: $124.99

Quick turn of the knob limits throttle opening thus effecting ET. Adjustable from 3/4 to full throttle. Black Anodized
Carburetor Prepped for use with Alcohol Billet Dial in Board with Plastic Flip style digits.- Please note you will receive White digits not yellow.