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Emergency Shut Off Kit Longacre 0-15 lbs Tire Gauge 33mm Billet Carb top, anodized black
Emergency Shut Off Kit
Our Price: $159.99

Longacre 0-15 lbs Tire Gauge
Our Price: $42.99

Emergency Shut Off Kit / Kill Switch 0 - 15 lbs Tire Gauge
Pickens Metal Works 33mm Billet Carb Top, comes with stainless mounting hardware and dog bone style bracket. anodized black
Billet Cable Bracket 33mm Billet Carb top, natural finish Mychron 5 660
Mychron 5 660
Our Price: $660.00

Quick turn of the knob limits throttle opening thus effecting ET. Adjustable from 3/4 to full throttle. Black Anodized
Pickens Metal Works Billet 33mm carb top, comes with stainless hardware and dog bone mounting bracket, natural finish Complete M5 660
28mm Mikuni Flatslide Carb Junior Dragster Dial in board Mikuni 33mm Flatslide Carb
4 Digit Dial in Board
Our Price: $124.99

Carburetor Prepped for use with Alcohol Billet Dial in Board with Plastic Flip style digits.- Please note you will receive White digits not yellow. Mikuni 33mm "pumper" Flatslide Carburetor for use with Alcohol