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Mikuni Jet Needle E Clip Mikuni Float Pin Plunger Fitting and Cap
Mikuni float pin
Our Price: $1.32
Mikuni Jet Needle E-Ring Replacement float pin for the 18mm, 28mm and 42mm Float Replacment Plunger Fitting and Cap for 18mm and 28mm carbs

Mikuni Air Jets Mikuni Hex Head Jets Mikuni Pilot Jets
Mikuni Air Jets
Our Price: $3.35
Mikuni Hex Head Jets
Our Price: $3.35
Jet measures 8mm/.300" long and has a 4mm/.125 diameter screw slotted face.

Jet measures 12mm/.450" long and has a 6mm/.250 Hex headed face Mikuni Pilot Jets - VM/TM/TMX, Jet measures 14mm/.535" long and has a 4mm/.160" slotted faced head.
Mikuni Cable Adjuster 18mm Mikuni Throttle Valve Mikuni VM18 Carburetor
Mikuni Cable Adjuster
Our Price: $4.09
18mm Mikuni Throttle Valve
Our Price: $13.99
Sale Price: $11.99
Savings: $2.00
18mm Mikuni Carburetor
Our Price: $71.99
Mikuni Cable Adjuster 18mm Slide / Throttle Valve VM18-144 Mikuni Clamp-On Carburetor - for Gasoline use.