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Mikuni choke knob 28mm Bowl Screw without Lockwasher Mikuni Jet Needle E Clip
Mikuni choke knob
Our Price: $0.25
Mikuni Jet Needle E-Clip
Our Price: $1.42

Mikuni choke knob. Float Bowl Screw Mikuni Jet Needle E-Ring
Mikuni Float Pin Mikuni Clear Pink Overflow Hose Needle & Seat O-Ring
Mikuni Float Pin
Our Price: $1.69
Needle & Seat O-Ring
Our Price: $1.99
Replacement float pin for the 18mm, 28mm and 42mm Float Sold as a Pair - Correct "pink" factory hose.
Needle Valve O-Ring
Factory Starter/Choke Lever 28mm Allen Head Bowl Screw Plunger Fitting and Cap
28mm Bowl Screws - set of 4
Our Price: $2.00

Factory Starter/Choke Lever 28mm Bowl Screw - sold in a set of 4
Replacement Plunger Fitting and Cap for 18mm and 28mm carbs

Mikuni Cable Adjuster Cap 28mm Drain Plug O-Ring Mikuni Chamber Vent Hoses
28mm Drain Plug O-Ring
Our Price: $2.15

Rubber Cap for the Cable Adjuster Replacement O-Ring for the 28mm Drain Plug Sold as a Pair
Fuel Inlet Retainer Cable Adjuster Mikuni Carburetor Screws
Cable Adjuster - Long
Our Price: $3.25
28mm Needle Valve Plate Mikuni Cable Adjuster fits top of carb, includes jam nut. This is an extended length version.
Mikuni Carburetor Screws -  4 x 12mm
28mm intake clamp Mikuni Cable Adjuster 28mm Cable lock ring
28mm Intake Clamp
Our Price: $3.99

Mikuni Cable Adjuster
Our Price: $4.25
28mm Cable lock ring
Our Price: $4.99

13/16" - 1-3/4" Clamp ID, Width: 1/2"
Mikuni Cable Adjuster This plastic nylon ring locks your cable into the cable retainer mounted inside the slide of your carburetor

Mikuni Air Jets Mikuni Hex Head Jets Mikuni Pilot Jets
Mikuni Air Jets
Our Price: $5.95

Mikuni Hex Head Jets
Our Price: $5.95

Mikuni Pilot Jets VM22/210
Our Price: $5.95

Jet measures 8mm/.300" long and has a 4mm/.125 diameter screw slotted face.

Jet measures 12mm/.450" long and has a 6mm/.250 Hex headed face Mikuni Pilot Jets - VM/TM/TMX, Jet measures 14mm/.535" long and has a 4mm/.160" slotted faced head.
28mm Mikuni Air Screw Kit 28mm Top Gasket 28mm Front Cover
28mm Top Gasket
Our Price: $6.99

Pilot Air Screw and Spring Replacement 28mm Mikuni Top Gasket Replacement 28mm Mikuni Body Gasket
Mikuni Cable Connector 28mm Bowl Gasket 28mm Mikuni Throttle Return Spring
28mm Mikuni Bowl Gasket
Our Price: $7.95

Your throttle cable hooks to this little guy which is held in place with two screws attached to your slide. Float Chamber Gasket Mikuni throttle valve spring
28mm Mikuni Drain Plug cable adapter kit Mikuni Flatslide Main Jet Shroud
28mm Mikuni Drain Plug
Our Price: $9.20
Replacement Float Bowl Drain Plug with O-Ring 28mm 90 degree cable adapter - Here's the right way to thread your cable into your 28 Flatslide. You get a screw in 90 degree adapter, lock nut, cable adapter and rubber boot.
Replacement Main Jet Ring -VM28/429
28mm Mikuni idle screw kit Mikuni Jet Needle - 5L1 Mikuni Jet Needle 5D939
Mikuni Jet Needle - 5L1
Our Price: $12.95

Mikuni Jet Needle - 5DP39
Our Price: $12.95
Mikuni Idle Stop Screw Kit for the 28mm Carburetor 5L1 Jet Needle Mikuni 5DP39 Needle
28mm Mikuni Float Mikuni 28mm Air Filter Adapter / Velocity Stack Jet Block
28mm Mikuni Float
Our Price: $15.70
Mikuni 28mm Air Filter Adapter
Our Price: $15.99

Viperizer 28mm Jet Block
Our Price: $17.39
28mm Replacement float 2.25" carb side opening with set screw. Air filter side for 2 7/16" filters.
Holds 10 Mains, 12 air and 5 Pilots Jets
Mikuni 175 Series Needle Jet 28mm Mikuni Rubber Intake Mount Mikuni Needle and Seat
Mikuni Needle Jet
Our Price: $20.50

28mm Mikuni Rubber Mount
Our Price: $28.95

175 Series P-8 for use with 5L1 needle. Mikuni Rubber Intake Mount Standard Needle Valve Assembly on the Mikuni TM28
28mm Throttle Cable Throttle Valve 28mm Mikuni Flatslide Carb
28mm Throttle Cable 8'
Our Price: $28.99

28mm Throttle Valve
Our Price: $45.99
Throttle Cable W/ small barrel slug end for 28mm 8' 28mm Replacement Throttle Valve # 2.5
Carburetor Prepped for use with Alcohol