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Plastic Oil Fill Cap 1" Crank Shim Briggs Header Gasket
Plastic Oil Fill Plug
Our Price: $2.25
1" I.D. Crank Shim
Our Price: $2.99

Briggs Header Gasket
Our Price: $3.00

Briggs & Stratton Oil Filler Plug 1" I.D. 1.5" O.D. Crank Shim, different thicknesses available.
Briggs & Stratton Exhaust Gasket, # 692237
Oil Seal - Flywheel Side Copper Header flange gasket Raptor Sidecover Gasket
Oil Seal - Flywheel Side
Our Price: $3.25

Copper Header flange gasket
Our Price: $4.99

Raptor Sidecover Gasket
Our Price: $5.09
Flywheel side crank oil seal Copper Header flange gasket for Briggs Raptor/ Animal / World Formula Raptor Cylinder Sidecover Gasket
28mm Intake Hose Crank Bearing Crank Bearing
28mm Intake Hose
Our Price: $5.15

Replacement 28mm Intake Hose 2.00" OD x .1.00" ID - .5" Wide . 2.00" OD x .1.00" ID - 3/8" Wide .
Oil Seal - PTO Side Briggs & Stratton Rewind Guard Cylinder Head Gasket
Oil Seal - PTO Side
Our Price: $6.99

PTO side crank oil seal Rewind Guard - 555255 Head Gasket for the Briggs Raptor 5HP engine
Valve Cover Breather - Dual Port 3hp Coil Bracket Briggs and Stratton Valve Spring Compressor #19063
3hp Coil Bracket
Our Price: $16.99
Valve Cover for the Raptor Engine
You will need a 3HP Diameter Flywheel and Coil when using this product Valve Spring Compressor #19063
5hp High Output Coil 5hp High Output Coil Briggs & Stratton 3hp Coil
5hp High Output Coil
Our Price: $34.95
5hp Coil
Our Price: $45.99
3hp Coil
Our Price: $45.99

Ignition Coil for 5hp Engines

Ignition Coil for 5hp Engines

New OEM Magneto Armature Coil
Raptor Piston Rings - Standard 33mm Intake for the Raptor 28mm Intake manifold kit for Raptor
Raptor Piston Rings - Standard
Our Price: $25.99
Sale Price: $45.99
Set of 3 Rings Kit comes with: 2 clamps, rubber coupling, Intake and hardware shown
Kit Includes: Intake, Hose and hardware shown

33mm Intake manifold kit for Raptor Intake manifold kit for Raptor Dyno 400 WLB
Dyno 400 WLB Camshaft
Our Price: $155.99
Can that radiator hose with this Upgraded Billet 33mm Intake manifold kit for Raptor 28mm Intake manifold kit for Raptor Billet cam by Dyno Cams- Cast Cam by Dyno - Intake .406 / Exhaust .409 Lift.