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Plastic Oil Fill Cap 1" Crank Shim Oil Seal - Flywheel Side
Plastic Oil Fill Plug
Our Price: $2.25
1" I.D. Crank Shim
Our Price: $2.99

Oil Seal - Flywheel Side
Our Price: $3.25

Briggs & Stratton Oil Filler Plug 1" I.D. 1.5" O.D. Crank Shim, different thicknesses available.
Flywheel side crank oil seal
Briggs Header Gasket Copper Header flange gasket Raptor Sidecover Gasket
Briggs Header Gasket
Our Price: $4.29

Copper Header flange gasket
Our Price: $4.99

Raptor Sidecover Gasket
Our Price: $5.09
Briggs & Stratton Exhaust Gasket, # 692237 Copper Header flange gasket for Briggs Raptor/ Animal / World Formula Raptor Cylinder Sidecover Gasket
28mm Intake Hose Crank Bearing Crank Bearing
28mm Intake Hose
Our Price: $5.15

Replacement 28mm Intake Hose 2.00" OD x .1.00" ID - .5" Wide . 2.00" OD x .1.00" ID - 3/8" Wide .
Oil Seal - PTO Side Briggs & Stratton Rewind Guard Cylinder Head Gasket
Oil Seal - PTO Side
Our Price: $6.99

PTO side crank oil seal Rewind Guard - 555255 Head Gasket for the Briggs Raptor 5HP engine
Valve Cover Breather - Dual Port 3hp Coil Bracket Briggs and Stratton Valve Spring Compressor #19063
3hp Coil Bracket
Our Price: $16.99
Valve Cover for the Raptor Engine
You will need a 3HP Diameter Flywheel and Coil when using this product Valve Spring Compressor #19063
5hp High Output Coil Briggs & Stratton 3hp Coil Raptor Piston Rings - Standard
5hp High Output Coil
Our Price: $34.95
3hp Coil
Our Price: $45.99

Raptor Piston Rings - Standard
Our Price: $25.99
Sale Price: $45.99
Ignition Coil for 5hp Engines

New OEM Magneto Armature Coil
Set of 3 Rings
5hp High Output Coil 33mm Intake for the Raptor 28mm Intake manifold kit for Raptor
5hp Coil
Our Price: $49.49
Ignition Coil for 5hp Engines

Kit comes with: 2 clamps, rubber coupling, Intake and hardware shown
Kit Includes: Intake, Hose and hardware shown

33mm Intake manifold kit for Raptor Intake manifold kit for Raptor Dyno 400 WLB
Dyno 400 WLB Camshaft
Our Price: $155.99
Can that radiator hose with this Upgraded Billet 33mm Intake manifold kit for Raptor 28mm Intake manifold kit for Raptor Billet cam by Dyno Cams- Cast Cam by Dyno - Intake .406 / Exhaust .409 Lift.