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Needle Valve Retainer for the Animal LO206 Carb Flywheel Key Plastic Oil Fill Cap
Flywheel Key
Our Price: $1.59

Plastic Oil Fill Plug
Our Price: $2.25
Needle Valve Retainer Factory flywheel key....easy on the expensive aluminum flywheels!
Briggs & Stratton Oil Filler Plug
Briggs & Stratton Push Rod Oil Seal - Flywheel Side Briggs and Stratton 555737 Spark Plug
Briggs & Stratton Push Rod
Our Price: $5.99
Sale Price: $3.00
Savings: $2.99
Oil Seal - Flywheel Side
Our Price: $3.25

Push Rod for the Animal LO206 Engine
Flywheel side crank oil seal LO206 Factory Spark Plug
Copper Header flange gasket Briggs & Stratton Rewind Guard Briggs & Stratton Push Button Switch
Copper Header flange gasket
Our Price: $4.99

Push-Button Kill Switch
Our Price: $9.75
Copper Header flange gasket for Briggs Raptor/ Animal / World Formula Rewind Guard - 555255 Briggs & Stratton Push Button Switch
Bushing Raptor Crank Mag side Jet Needle Kit Briggs & Stratton Head Gasket w/Fire Ring
Jet Needle Kit
Our Price: $12.95
Replace this little guy during every rebuild. Replacement Needle Jet for the LO206 Carburetor - Gas Set Up only! Cylinder Head Gasket
Briggs & Stratton Mikuni Fuel Pump Animal / World Formula Pull start kit
Fuel Pump for Briggs World Formula & Animal Engines Rewind Starter for the Animal Engine