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Gift Certificate Mychron Jackshaft Sensor Nut Mychron 660 Weld in EGT bung
Gift Certificate / Gift Card Replacement nut for the Mychron Jackshaft Sensor Weld in EGT bung for Mychron EGT Threaded Sensors.
Mychron EGT Clamp Jackshaft Sensor Bracket Exhaust probe weld in adapter
Mychron EGT Clamp
Our Price: $5.99

Replacement EGT Sensor Clamp Jackshaft Sensor Bracket - Cute little guy makes mounting your pick up a breeze! Exhaust probe weld in adapter for header
Digatron Replacement EGT Clamp Mychron 660 Collar Digatron Jackshaft Collar
Mychron 660 Collar
Our Price: $32.00

Digatron Jackshaft Collar
Our Price: $35.00
Digatron Exhaust Temp Clamp 2" Replacement 3/4" Jackshaft Collar Replacement Digatron Jackshaft Collar.
Digatron Tach Sensor Mychron CHT Sensor Mychron EGT Sensor
Mychron CHT Sensor
Our Price: $47.99

Mychron EGT Sensor
Our Price: $47.99
Replacement Digatron Tach. Sensor - Current Models - Compare your connector to our image. Replacement Cylinder Head Temp. Sensor for 660 systems. Replacement EGT Sensor
Mychron 4 Temp Leads "Y" Cable Digatron CHT Sensor Digatron EGT Sensor -Current models
Mychron 4 Temp Leads "Y" Cable - Exclusive to Mychron 4 Replacement Digatron Head Temp Sensor - Current Models Replacement Digatron Exhaust Temp Sensor - Current Models
Mychron EGT Sensor - Open Style Mychron Jackshaft Sensor Digatron 32KLT
Mychron EGT Sensor - Open Style
Our Price: $71.99

Mychron Jackshaft Sensor
Our Price: $75.99

Digatron 32KLT
Our Price: $359.00

Open Style EGT Sensor - This is the most acurate means to gather EGT Data. Replacement Jackshaft Sensor 2 LED Windows; Records Tach, Exhaust Temp and Cylinder Head Temp also comes with mounting bracket.
Digatron 64 Mychron 5 660
Digatron 64
Our Price: $569.00
Mychron 5 660
Our Price: $599.99

Model DT-64K. new design, small and compact. Complete M5 660