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Chrome Valve Stems Front Wheel Bearing 5/8" I.D Spindle Spacer - 7/8"
Valve Stems
Our Price: $5.99
A Pair of  Short Chrome Plated Valve stems 5/8" ID x 1-3/8" - Fits most front wheels. Want to put a set of our front wheels on your old Junior with long 5/8" steel spindles, looking for an easy way out? Use this 7/8" long 5/8" ID Spindle Spacer to take up some of the unused space.

Rim Protectors - Pair Rim Protectors - Large 1" Rear Wheel Hub
Rim Protectors - Pair
Our Price: $7.99
Rim Protectors - Large
Our Price: $14.99
1" Rear Wheel Hub
Our Price: $39.99
Don't scratch up your expensive rims when dismounting your tires; place your tire spoons on these cool little protectors. Protect your wheels with the Motion Pro Rimshield II 1" x 110/115mm
Longacre 0-15 lbs Tire Gauge 3 spoke wheel hub Slick / Tire Covers
Longacre 0-15 lbs Tire Gauge
Our Price: $42.99

Tire Covers / Slicks Covers
Our Price: $69.99

0 - 15 lbs Tire Gauge
Billet 3 spoke wheel hub 1-1/4" Axle, sold individually. Designed to fit 18" diameter tires; - Color: Burnt Orange

Hoosier 18.0/8.00-8 pro slicks
Hoosier junior dragster racing slick, sold as a matched pair