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Power plus 0w30 racing oil Fuel Scent Top Lube
Fuel Scent / Fragrance
Our Price: $15.99
Top Lube for Methanol
Our Price: $16.39
Manhattan oil Power plus 4 cycle full synthetic racing oil, compatible with , gas, methanol, nitromethane fuels, 15 ounce bottles, lowers cylinder head temps up to 30 degrees, leaves no carbon build up 4oz bottle enough for 55 gallons of alcohol/methanol 16oz Scented and Unscented top lube for Methanol
Royal Purple XPR Racing Motor Oil Lucas Junior Dragster 5W-20 Oil
Lucas Junior Dragster 5W-20 Oil
Our Price: $72.99

5w20 #11 sold by the quart
Synthetic Racing Engine Oil - 5W20 - 5 Quarts