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Shocker Tuning Info shocker shocker
Here's a little info on the Shockers tuning components...Click to read more... Nylon spacer for the Shocker Clutch Nylon spacer for the Shocker Clutch
Shocker - Hex Hd Screw Shocker Bolt Shockwave/Shocker Spider Roller Bearing
Shocker Bolt
Our Price: $1.00
Hardware for Shocker Clutch

Medium Strength Zinc-Plated Steel Cap Screw - Class 8.8, M7 fully threaded, 20mm long.
replacement bolt for the flyweight arms Replacement Bearing for the Shockwave and Shocker Spider roller kits
Shocker Spider Roller Bearing Shocker belt gap shim Shocker Shim - .062T
Smaller bearing for the Shocker Spider roller kit Shocker belt gap shim - Set your belt gap with these little guys.

.030" Thick , sold each.
Shocker Shim - .062T
MX2 Shocker Bearing Primary Spring Shocker Flyweight Roller Kit
MX2 Shocker Bearing
Our Price: $6.65
Polar Primary Springs
Our Price: $16.99

MX2 Shocker Bearing
Primary Springs for the Polar and Shocker Clutches
Shocker Flyweight Roller Kit (set of 4)
Shocker Flyweight Arms Polar System Belt Shocker Replacement Cover
Shocker Flyweight Arms
Our Price: $26.99
Replacement Shocker Flyweight Arms. Sold in a set of 4. Choose from thick or thin arms.
9" center to center -Manufacture’s Width Tolerance .820" to .850" Street name: Pitbull M-90 Used Shocker Cover - some scratches on top of cover
Shocker Fixed Face Shocker Moveable Face Roller Kit Shocker Cover
Shocker Fix Face
Our Price: $39.99
Shocker Cover
Our Price: $40.99
Shocker Replacement Fix Face - Left Thread - Use Red Locite during install. Everything you need to replace your Shockers Moveable face rollers Shocker Replacement Cover design by Viperizer - Replaces MX2 design. Hard coat anodized.
Shocker Post Shocker Moveable Face Shocker Spider
Shocker Post
Our Price: $60.99
Shocker Moveable Face
Our Price: $86.99
Shocker Spider
Our Price: $86.99
Replacement Shocker Post Shocker Replacement Moveable face Replacement Shocker Spider
Shocker Overdrive Primary
Shocker Overdrive Primary
Our Price: $369.99
We've taken the best from all the units on the market and came up with one kick butt Overdrive unit...at a price point everyone will love...well almost everyone.